Cut out the middleman and watch your business lift off.

Designed as a community of hotel room buyers and sellers, RoomRocket is a neutral travel trade marketplace. With just one simple RoomRocket agreement, you can do business with all of the global RoomRocket members.

Why RoomRocket?

   A robust hotel booking system, connecting you to buyers and sellers around the world.

    A community of buyers and sellers that eliminates the need for individual contracts and credit arrangements.

Eliminate risk and reduce administration as RoomRocket effortlessly handles cross-border and cross-currency bookings.

     Increase revenue opportunities— sellers take control of their payment terms while buyers retain greater margins.

   Generate incremental income with access to RoomRocket’s vast hotel network.

     Cuts complexity, costs and risks for all community members.


We’ve Got Answers

Who is RoomRocket for?

How does it work?

What is the Payment Process?

Designed to expedite the hotel booking process on a worldwide basis, RoomRocket connects travel trade buyers with hotel room suppliers and enables global sales of rooms on a wholesale basis, utilizing our own proprietary multi-currency financial settlement service.

RoomRocket is a true hotel room marketplace. Hotels and travel trade buyers sign up for access to our proprietary booking service. From here, sellers control their own payment terms and reach their points of sale directly. Buyers book rooms at higher margins and hotels fill rooms while retaining a higher percentage of room rates.

We are able to settle bookings through bank transfer and payment card. Once a buyer confirms a booking, RoomRocket automatically administers the collection and payment of funds for the hotel booking in line with agreed payment terms.

“RoomRocket enables us to by-pass other wholesalers and to do direct business with key Destination Management Companies without negotiating individual contracts and credit terms.”

Rob, Vertical Bedbank

“RoomRocket provides us the opportunity for targeted marketing and direct bookings with U.K. leisure travel agents, OTAs and tour operators that we can not acheive through other intermediaries and vendors.”

Dave, Caesar’s

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